2019 - 2020

Become a Rockstar and undergo a battle with the color-coded music-themed enemies using the power of rock. A tune emits from the thematic demon such as a country fiddle, or a metal rift, as they get sent back to where they came! A fun take on a rhythmic colorful post-apocalyptic shooter will make anyone feel like a Rockstar God! 
Rockpocalypse is an arcade-style, on-rails, first-person shooter. the player takes on color-coded musically-themed demons shooting them with sound waves of music, as the player travels down the post-apocalyptic highway on their tour bus. 
The player uses a modified guitar controller equipped ​​​​​​​with adapters and components from a light gun. The player holds the guitar as if they were holding a gun, aiming at the screen, and strumming to shoot. the correct button chord on the guitar must be held to match the enemy when strumming. 
Student Project
Project Role: Team Lead
Team Size: 9 Total | 3 Art | 3 Design | 3 Programming
Date: September 2019 - April 2020
Platform: PC | Guitar 
Engine & Tools: Unity | Adobe creative Suite | Light Gun Components & software | Guitar Controller and wireless adapter
Project Contributions
Lead creative and technical direction from conception to implementation
Directed operations of project and team
Coordinated meetings among team disciplines and faculty
Lead assembly of hardware and integration of custom guitar light gun controller with game engine
Designed initial concept and presented to team
This was 1 of 9, among 16 total projects, presented to and selected by Bradley University to be funded and be presented at the annual fuse event in 2018; which showcases Bradley’s Interactive Media Department student work, in the regional museum whose target audience was 8 - 12 year olds. The event is usually attended by over 1500 people. 
The event was canceled due to covid-19, and the project was put on a permanent hiatus, ultimately not receiving proper intended polish with visuals and sound. Nevertheless, the unique control scheme proved to be intuitive and fun, truly like an arcade shooter experience, as if the guitar was a rifle, strumming the guitar to pull the trigger. 
Each difficulty changed the Easy had 3 different colored enemies, medium 4, and hard 5. Each enemy would emit a musical tune from their associated genre when destroyed. Green = Electronic, Yellow = Country, Red = Pop, Blue = HipHop, and  Orange = Classical. 
The player would increase their score multiplier as they hit enemies in sequence, and are allowed one 'miss' before it resets. 
Two players in a versus mode, a rock-god powerup, and whammy bar combos, were among the additions to be implemented. A rock stage to stand on, several more guitars made truly wireless with bluetooth adapters, fitted with thematic customizations from the art team, along with custom guitar picks with the enemy's faces on them were to be at our booth during the event. 
Below is a video of the Alpha Build gameplay. 

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