We Hear You
We Hear You® is a company that creates innovative accessible technology solutions.
We currently have two products:
As Chief Design Officer, I design our products with accessible user experience put first. 
At We Hear You®, we believe that accessibility should not be the afterthought of innovation, but the foundation.    
Professional Work
Project Role: Chief Design Officer
Team Size: 5
Platform: Andriod & iOS · Physical Product
Engine & Tools: Adobe Creative Suite · Figma · Blender · AutoCAD · Vectary
Date: October 2021 - Present

Designed the push™ logo, which is inspired by a power button, a door handle, and the accessibility logo.
I designed the product through many iterations and 3D printed prototypes and finalized it to be most accessible by users by:
· An easy-to-push button that covers the entire face of the device.
· An indicator light to show the user when a signal is being transmitted.
· Small and convenient to carry on keys, attach to mobility devices, or even wear on your wrist through various attachments.
Headed all product specifications such as battery requirements, signal distance, materials used, and a resistance rating of IP54.
push product rendering

push™ Product Rendering

push™ Introduction Video

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