Remotely open handicap accessible doors with the simple push of a button.
Push™ aims to address a problem many individuals face when moving through the world with mobility exceptionalities.
This product also helps individuals cognizant of germs, living a busy life, or whatever the circumstance.
This device simply extends the existing functionality of a currently installed handicap-accessible door with a quick install of a receiver.
With a range of ~15ft, simply push to open any compatible door.
Professional Work
Project Role: Chief Design Officer
Team Size: 3 
Date: October 2021 - Present
Engine & Tools: Adobe Creative Suite | Figma | Blender | AutoCAD | Vectary
Designed the push™ logo
Designed the product & initial product design files and renderings
User experience design of the device, it's functionality, and accessibility standards
3D printed initial prototypes to use with early PCBs and electronics 
Designed and Implemented the company website
Lead company Branding & Image
Work with manufacturers for quality analysis and assist with accessory design​​​​​​​
Below is a product introduction video and some images from the early stages of the design and prototyping process, showing another iteration. The oval shape was altered as it proved less cost-effective to manufacture and less accessible for our users. Also seen is an earlier version of the logo, before we settled on the name "push"

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