2017 - 2018

Cattlepult is a top-down turn-based 4 player action-strategy game utilizing a 3 by 4-foot touch table.
Players launch cows at opposing teams' barns to destroy them using a "Cattlepult". 
By feeding your cows' hay, you can grow them to do more damage.
The catapults were controlled in an Angry-Bird style fashion, pulling back to aim the catapult and letting go to shoot.​​​​​​​
"That Game was udderly amazing."
- Everyone
Student Project
Project Role: Design Lead
Team Size: 15 Total | 5 Artist | 5 Design | 5 Programming
Date: October 2017 -  ​April 2018 
Platform: Touch table | Mobile
Engine & Tools: Unity | Adobe Creative Suite | Samsung Touch Table
Project Contributions
Lead creative direction from ideation to implementation​​​​​​​
Lead both gray-box and ad-hoc player testing with users of various age ranges, including the target audience 
Refined gameplay systems to match intended player experience through iterative processes of design and development, supported through testing
designed initial concept and name and presented to team
This was 1 of 9, among 16 total projects, presented to and selected by Bradley University to be funded and be presented at the annual fuse event in 2018; which showcases Bradley’s Interactive Media Department student work, in the regional museum whose target audience was 8 - 12 year olds. The event was attended by over 1500 people. 
The FUSE event is nicknamed the 'catapult projects' within Bradley's Interactive Media Department, so The teams initial theming was to use catapults in our game. After much design iteration and considerations on a medieval theme, an idea was never fully settled on. 
it dawned on me to use 'cattle' as ammo to shoot out of catapults at opposing teams barns, and being able to make cattle larger by feeding them to do more damage, and there the name Cattlepult was born. Several initial design illustrations I made in the early phases of preproduction are below.
Our team lead was a handy worker and had leftover wood at his house to build a life-size display catapult to be at our booth at the event. Many people took photos within the bucket of the catapult. Below is a picture of the team leads and me in the catapult bucket at the FUSE event. (I was wearing socks with cows on them)
Along with the catapult at our booth, we handed out cow tail candies and a paper-craft game on construction paper that players could take home. 
And yes, we milked the puns.

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