Sign Language Translator

We Hear You®
We Hear You® is a company that creates innovative accessible technology solutions.
We currently have two products: 
· The We Hear You® Sign Language Translator
· push™
As Chief Design Officer, I design our products with accessible user experience put first. 
At We Hear You®, we believe that accessibility should not be the afterthought of innovation, but the foundation.    
Professional Work
Project Role: Chief Design Officer
Team Size: 7
Platform: Andriod & iOS 
Engine & Tools: Adobe Creative Suite · Figma · Python
Date: September 2019 - Present

Designed the user experience and interface of the application and the flow of the application. 
Headed software and translator requirements to be most accessible and sign-friendly, to preserve the natural conversational flow of signing.
Other sign language translators rely on expensive and bulky sensors and often put the cost onto the individual such as sign language gloves.
This solution gives power to the individual signing and puts the cost onto the software and virtually any device with a camera.

Interactive prototype within FIgma 

Application Overview

Proof of concept in-store prototype (November 2020)

Business & Development Overview (March 2020)

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