Neon Oblivion

Student Project
Project Role: Technical Designer
Team Size: 17
Platform: PC
Engine & Tools: Unity · Adobe Creative Suite
Date: August 2020 - May 2021 (senior year)
This game was made as part of my capstone class. 
Built the player controller utilizing Unity's joint system to provide physics-based movement along with an intuitive dash mechanic, which is the backbone of the gameplay. 
Provided support and tooling to designers to create levels faster and more efficiently, such as a ray that displays the distance between two clicked points, and designed the tutorial/early levels.
Created visual effects such as the torch fire particle, and narrative collectible particle systems. 
Handled all of the game's lighting and post-processing.
Instituted a HUB world that allowed an easy flow of gameplay and narrative delivery points.
Game Main menu screenshot

Gameplay Video

Hover Animation and particles

Stylized skybox and clouds

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