Spell Scribe

Student Project
Project Role: User Experience / User Interface Designer
Team Size: 11
Platform: Tablets & Mobile
Engine & Tools: Unity · Adobe Creative Suite
Date: September 2018 - April 2019 (sophomore year)
This project was intended to be a VR game where players would use their controller as a wand to draw spell icons mid-air and cast them at enemies attacking their castle. However, while the concept of our game was greenlit, the platform it was on was not, as there were not enough VR kits in the department to support us fully. 
While deciding what avenue to explore with our concept, I had a realization that we could turn this into a cursive educational game on tablets and presented it to the team with crude mockups in a notebook. 
Children are our target audience most often have access to a tablet of some sort, and using a stylus, we simulate writing as much as possible. The idea of gamification for cursive writing was well taken to and was the new direction of the project.
As a user experience and interface designer, I contributed to creating UI assets and finalizing cursive gamification.
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