Graduate Student Project
Project Role: Technical Designer 
Team Size: 5
Platform: PC
Engine & Tools: Unity · Adobe Creative Suite
Date: May 2021 - May 2022 (Master's year)
I also wore many different caps during this project and completed many aspects of the game.
Designed and implemented camera controls, dialogue systems, gameplay elements, puzzle assets, AI characters, levels, audio, collectibles, animations, and much more. 
This project was part of my master's program. The program simulated a professional work environment, with 40 hours a week remote / in our dedicated space working towards the completion of the game, along with other classes. 
Below are some photos of the game in development, as well as a gameplay trailer. 
If you would like to play, the button above links to our itch page.
Concept art of Bello

Gameplay Trailer

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