Monochrome Mysteries


Monochrome Mysteries
Monochrome Mysteries is a story-driven episodic murder mystery game. The player takes on the role of a recently deceased spirit investigating their own murder. Using newfound spirit powers to: reveal auras, possess the unwilling, and collect the clues vital to your mission. 
In the currently only developed episode, Hard Times At The Heavy Heart Motel: The Heavy Heart Motel has several suspicious residents, each with their own story and motives. Will you be able to find your murderer and enact just revenge? Come find out at the Heavy Heart Motel.
Student Project
Project Role: Tech designer / Programmer
Team Size: 6 Total | 1 Artist | 2 Design | 3 Programming
Date: November 2019 -  ​Present
Platform: PC | Console
Engine & Tools: Unity | Adobe Creative Suite
Project Contributions
Level Design and Game Flow
Character design and abilities 
Narrative and Story Design, Creative Writing 
Designed and Implemented most animations 
Post-processing and visual effects, camera control and cinematics
Developed in-game AI and pathfinding systems
Developed logarithmic rain with mist particle emissions
Designed and implemented UI elements and layout, menus, etc
Designed and implemented all in-game lighting
Implemented all in-game sounds: ambiance, music, SFX
Designed Player feedback systems and communication
Designed many clues and character relationships
Hard Times at the Heavy Heart Motel is an episode of an in-development story-driven Episodic adventure game, Monochrome Mysteries. Monochrome Mysteries is planned on having a unknown total of episodes, where the player must solve their own death as a spirit. 
The initial prototype of Monochrome Mysteries was developed by a separate team in a rapid-prototyping design class, that was then selected to be continued in a production class, and onward. The Initial prototype was geared towards utilizing a photo-taking mechanic, using an in-game camera in a noir monochromatic style, solving mysteries around a city. 
The team that continued with the project iterated on this idea and landed on a story-driven, adventure puzzle game. I happened to also be apart of the team that developed the initial prototype and maintained several core ideas such as the photo-taking system to keep track of clues and monochromatic styling such as when the player is a spirit, when finalizing the game's new direction. The final team's name was decidedly "The Wet Cowboies".
*Game is still under development

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