Bradley University is bringing forth an adept interdisciplinary team whose members study in some of the Midwest's most innovative technology departments. Together, we seek to optimally utilize the most cutting-edge, contemporary, and emerging technologies. Through our Interactive Media, Engineering, and Computer Science departments' collaboration and resource, we look to create an augmented Experience that guides the user through space, missions, and procedures.
The NASA SUITS (Spacesuit User Interface Technologies for Students) challenges students to design and create spacesuit information displays within augmented reality (AR) environments. As NASA pursues Artemis - landing American astronauts on the Moon by 2024, the agency will accelerate investing in surface architecture and technology development, making use of augmented reality technology.

Presentation to Congress Woman Cheri Bustos

Aside from local University news, this gained traction for regional news.
This project received recognition once again after presenting to Congress Woman, Cheri Bustos, in order to gain a University partnership with the Airforce.
WMBD News - Central Illinois Proud
After Bradley's NASA challenge team was accepted to participate in the 2020 challenge, several local news sources and associations featured this project.
Using a Microsoft HoloLens 2 and the Unity Engine with the Mixed Reality Toolkit, user interface is overlaid as an Alternate Reality assistive technology for astronauts on potential future moon missions. User input for this project uses both gesture recognition inputs, and voice commands, as astronauts will most often not have a hand free to interact with the interface. 
This project was chosen to compete in the NASA SUITS Challenge. The team has successfully made it through initial design rounds and was among the finalists that completed user testing with astronauts at the NASA Space Center in Houston Texas.
Student Project
Project Role: Designer | Developer
Team Size: 11 Total | 2 Engineer | 4 Design | 3 Developer | 1 Outreach | 1 Professor
Date: October 2020 - Present
Platform: Microsoft Hollow Lens 2
Engine & Tools: Unity | Adobe creative Suite | Figma | Microsoft Hollolens 2
Project Contributions
Designed  navigation ​​​​​​​overlays utilizing waypoint system and compass
Designed minimized vitals interface
Contributed in reworking voice command system and UI design
Assisted in development of mixed reality software in Unity engine 

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