HCI Games Research


HCI Games Research
Directed Independent Studies CS 490 - Human Computer Interaction Games Research - conducted with Dr. Owen Schaffer, professor at Bradley University. Research to be completed for submission for publication.
Student Research
Project Role: Game Developer | Research Co-author 
Date: September 2020 - July 2021
Platform: PC
Engine & tools: Unity | Adobe Creative Suite | Free art assets | Amazon AWS
Project Contributions
Soley Developed game with design guidance from Dr. Schaffer
Developed a custom game for HCI research with human participants
For this experiment, I handled the entirety of the design and development cycle, with iteration guidance and feedback from Dr. Schaffer. Dr. Schaffer conducted research compiling into written work for publication.
The game was designed to able to be constructed into several various versions, that are used for the experiment.
In this experiment, we were investigating the impact of task significance on task engagement and enjoyment in games. 
I created the game to have 12 different versions using a 3 × 4 factorial experimental design, exploring if various narrative framing, and upgrade systems (or lack-there of) had significant impact on enjoyment in games. 
The experiment had a total of 440 paid participants using Amazon's AWS and Turk services. 

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